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Being one of the busiest Pubs in town with both food & entertainment, it was obvious to us that we needed to up our game and lower our environmental impact. We are constantly changing our old habits and swapping them for more sustainable and eco-friendly sollutions.

Here are a couple of the changes that we have implemented:

The Last Straw

Being that our location is basically right on the bank of Australia’s biggest and longest river, it was a no brainer for us to not just minimise our use of plastic straws but to completely eliminate the use of them. We have sent back all of our unopened boxes of plastic straws and once the boxes that are already open are empty, it will be curtains for those turtle killers!

If you are a lippy lover and don’t want to make a mess of our glasses, don’t stress! Ask one of beer slingers for a straw and they will hook you up with a paper one.

One simple switch that helps the Earth breathe


Trees are the lungs of the Earth. Yet, we flush them away every single day. It is estimated that 9 million trees perish every year to wipe bums! 70% of plants and animals call these forests home and society seems to think that flushing their homes down the toilet is more important than protecting their existence. But, we’re doing something about it! We have hunted down toilet paper that is sustainable and doesn’t feel like you are wiping with sand paper!
How have we attacked this “Cheeky” problem?
1. In the accommodation, offices & staff rooms we use rolls that are made from 100% renewable, recyclable and biodegradable bamboo and sugarcane waste materials.
2. In the Bars & Bistro we use 100% recycled jumbo toilet paper rolls and are currently on the hunt for a more sustainable option. If you have any leads, shoot an email to info@shamrockhotel.com.au

The Shamrock Hotel Echuca – a traditional Irish Pub.

Situated in the historic port precinct, the Shamrock Hotel Echuca is an iconic landmark. Located right in the heart of town the Shamrock Hotel Echuca was built in 1864 to service the massive riverboat trade and continues to be one of Echuca’s favourite pubs.

The Shamrock Hotel Echuca is renowned for its friendly family orientated atmosphere, quality food and drinks and affordable accommodation and of course its entertainment!

When you visit Echuca the Shamrock is your pub.

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